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To be a Warrior in a Garden...

A master and student walked side by side through a beautiful garden. The disciple suddenly stops and asks: "Master, you speak of peace yet you teach me the deadly techniques of combat and the tactics of war. How do you reconcile the two?”

The master gracefully squats, chooses a flower and gently plucks it. “My student" he replies "it is better to be a warrior tending to his garden than a gardener in a war.”


We face an increasingly anxiety ridden & hyper-violent world.

When the wolf knocks on your door, and if you are not prepared, you may suffer.

Loved ones may suffer.

However, when you are equipped to face any challenge life presents you, then you will see the wolf for what it truly is: a frightened creature living in fear. 

Be as fiercely compassionate as the outside world is angry and you will show those you love who you truly are.

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Who am I?

My name is Brad Johnson.

One might consider me a reformed class clown, an unsuccessful suicide attempt, a successful entrepreneur, or a trusted guide & coach.

Today, I show up for those who desire to grab life big while also embracing life on the island of Maui.

Who are you?

A trusting human being who simply must remember how powerful you are. Something feels 'off' or incomplete in your life and are searching for direction... for a solution which feels out-of-reach.

Those I am fortunate to serve have learned how to untie the stories of their past which have bound them from experiencing a fulfilling, vibrant life.

FEAR prevents us... VISION propels us.  

We allow the stories we tell ourselves - or worse - the narratives others say about us, to influence us.

Often, these stories sabotage our best interests, preventing us from being who we came here to be. 

We have forgotten, or altogether stopped trusting, how to fully leverage our most valuable gift: intuition.

Life is too short to be unhappy, living with uncertainty, or unfulfilled with the 'circumstances' of your life.

If you remain open to learning, and willing to invest consistent effort, you will develop the most powerful tool any human being can hope to possess:


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Quality and excellence are never an accident.
They are the result of high intention, intelligent direction, sincere effort, and purposeful execution.

- Aristotle

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Lets Connect...

There are waaaaay too many potential distractions in life vying for your attention. Ads. Social media. Demanding people. Television...

I will not be one of them.

This is why I choose to share a simple, once-per-week bite sized gift of simple guidance, delivered to your email inbox or via text your cell phone. 

My intention is to provide content of value; information or a simple question to help you observe an insight about yourself or a particular area of your life.

Listen & Silent contain the same letters.

If you feel compelled to go further and would like to connect beyond just a newsletter, I welcome it. I am willing to commit half an hour of my time - at no charge - so I may listen to your story and gain insight of what may be holding you back or what it is you truly desire. 

You have zero commitment or obligation beyond our initial call; all I ask is that you show up fully prepared, remain authentic with a willingness to share what's occurring in your world & ready to play - life is meant to be fun, after all 😃

Kihei, Hawaii

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