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Bridge Over River


A few kind words from those I'm fortunate to have served... and continue serving.

Testimonials: Testimonials

"Brad is a light. He's intentional, the way he loves human kindness and humanity on such a deep intimate level is inspiring and challenging. 

Every book, everything he's suggested I read or watch has been an authentically good promotion of the human I want to be."

Lauren J.

"Brad has a calm, grounding effect. It's provided me a lot of clarity for what I wanted from our meeting. He has an intensity of purpose... he's 100% focused on me and as someone who's looking for growth, it's what I needed."

Mitxel T.

"As someone who is trying to grow as a leader, there was a nagging bit of imposter syndrome telling me I don't belong. Meeting week after week, he helped me eradicate that. He reminded me how vital it is to take care of myself as a leader - providing me with authentic accountability as I grow."

Andre A.

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